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21 March 2018

A Contemporary Japanese Dragon Garden

In November 2017, I visited Japan as part of a group led by Robert Ketchell to see the autumn colours in ...

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Your Garden in Spring

15 March 2018

Last summer I wrote about some Japanese plants that would enhance Dorset gardens.  In November I visited Japan to see many examples of the 4 types of Japa...

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Your Garden in September/October

21 December 2017

Summer has departed and autumn is well on its way.  The gentle, low sunlight perfectly sets off the glowing autumn colours. But does your garden contain e...

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Modern Fence Ideas For Your Home

13 October 2017

Modern Ideas for your Home


Fences can add much more than simply serving a practical purpose. They can be used to enhance a garden's...

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Your Garden in June 2017

05 June 2017

When you think of June flowers, most people will think of flowering plants in borders such as roses.  However, there are some magnificent flowering trees and shru...

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