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sloping clay garden

sloping clay garden

This garden is at the rear of a Grade II Listed house built from Sherborne stone in Beaminster.

It is 30 x 40m and faces north east.


The garden had a relatively narrow path at the side and rear of the house with steps up to the conservatory which was built with access from the first floor of the house.  Between this path and the rest of the garden was a 1.5m retaining wall and borders.  This made the house dark.


The rest of the garden was laid to borders and lawn with a patio in the top corner of the garden.  The clients wanted an attractive garden that they could sit in and enjoy.  The soil is alkaline clay.


Requirements for the new garden/landscape architecture:


  • A patio outside the conservatory for dining, but retaining the existing corner patio

  • Easier access to a studio in the south corner of the garden with a small patio outside it

  • Conversion of the large, sloping border outside the conservatory to lawn laid with strip lynchets

  • Compliance with planning and listed building consent for both design and materials


Full Testimonial:

"Ann designed and project managed (including liaising with planners) the transformation and renewal of our steeply sloping and rather neglected back garden into a stunning and enjoyable outdoor space.  


"The project included a large amount of hard landscaping on varying levels, enlarging existing borders and creating an overall planting plan.


"Ann always listened to our ideas and was open to discussion, and designs were adapted and changed along the way and even on site.


"The new garden sits beautifully with the older house and looks almost as though it has always been there.  Highly recommended!" (see reviews on Houzz)


This garden was constructed by Gregorys Landscapes of Piddlehinton. 


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