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Stage 2
Survey & Outline Design

Once the Requirements Specification is signed off, I will conduct a thorough Site Survey myself for most gardens and for much larger sites I will arrange for a Chartered Land Surveyor to survey the garden.


The survey records all measurements, levels and key features. This is vital for the production of a garden design as it provides an accurate picture of the garden and key constraints. Without this, there is a danger of unplanned changes occurring during the construction of the garden.


If you have already commissioned a survey, I can use this if it is accurate, up to date and well detailed.


If planning permission is required, I can also help with this process.

Thompson - OP.jpg

Based on the Survey, I will produce a hand coloured, detailed Conceptual Plan and present this to you with an explanation of my proposed design. Following our discussion I will amend the design for your review.


Once you are happy with the design, I will finalise it by inking it in to produce the Outline Plan with accompanying Plant Board(s) that are a pictorial statement (photos of suitable plants) allowing you an early insight into the visual direction that I am planning.


If you require lighting for part or all of the garden, I can add the details to the Outline Plan and liaise with lighting specialists.


I can also request the preparation of 3D views from a colleague if this will help you visualise your new garden.


If the construction budget is a consideration, I will suggest that you request rough estimates based on the Conceptual Plan before we finalise the Outline Plan as this allows the Conceptual Plan to be refined based on the estimates.


I have a list of recommended landscapers that have constructed my designs.

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