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Stage 4
Construction & Planting


During this stage, your chosen landscaper will use the Setting Out Plan and Specification that I prepared in Stage 3 for the construction of your beautiful garden as they specify the tasks that need to be performed.  For example, removing any existing, redundant hard landscaping, materials to be used and how the new hard landscaping will be constructed.

If you haven't already chosen a landscaper you can use this Specification together with the other design documents for competitive tendering.  I can put you in touch with companies in whose work I have confidence and are best suited to the challenges of your new garden.

I can prepare and send the documentation (all the plans and the Specification) to your preferred landscape contractors and also meet them on site to answer their questions. This will allow them to quote for the build accurately on an equal basis.



I would recommend that I monitor the construction of your garden by meeting the contractor(s) onsite regularly, representing your interests and keeping you informed. This minimises the risk of the project overrunning by minimising delays, addressing issues in advance and controlling costs.

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