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arts and crafts garden

arts & crafts garden

This garden has free-draining, acidic soil and the rear of the house faces west. It had several mature pine trees in a south facing lawn with narrow borders around the house. The garden is approximately 44 x 31m.


The clients wanted a front garden with attractive borders and a seating area with a path linking it to the rear garden past an area for a potager. In the rear garden they wanted an extended series of patios surrounded by borders, and steps up to the main lawn.


On the northern side of the house they wanted a weatherproof area for a boat and the current compost area dividing into 3 sections for easier management.


Requirements for the new garden/landscape architecture:


  • Extended south facing patio

  • Seating area in the front garden

  • Lawn in the rear garden

  • Focal point from the kitchen and lounge such as a pergola

  • Potager

  • Attractive borders to enhance the views from the house


Client testimonial:

Ann has turned what was effectively a blank canvas of a grass-and-path plot, hedge-divided front-from-back, into a carefully landscaped-and-crafted wraparound, cottage-style garden which has been a delight to see come alive as its first season has progressed. 


"From start to finish, Ann’s eye for detail, spec, design and landscaping has been superb.  She has also been a pleasure to work with for her pleasant, fuss-free, down-to-earth approach plus sound skills, knowledge and workmanship. 


"Mindful of our strict budgeting, she has given sound advice at all stages and we have been delighted by her choice of contractors. 


"We are hugely grateful for this massive boost to our home and garden.  Thank you, Ann!"


The garden was constructed by Gregorys Landscaping, and the plants were supplied by Chichester Trees and Shrubs.

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