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Stage 1
Free Initial Consultation (in Dorset)

This is the first vital step, in which I spend 1.5 - 3 hours with you in your garden to understand your initial objectives and vision.


The result is a comprehensive, shared understanding of your requirements and vision that is key to achieving a perfect design solution.


This consultation provides an opportunity to discuss your aims and requirements as well as a chance for me to see your garden and gain an impression of the surrounding landscape and environment.


Garden 12.8.19. 3.jpg
Ann - Initial Consultation(jpg).jpg

During this 1.5 - 3 hours, I ask a wide range of questions to establish what you want your garden to be used for, and by whom, as well as exploring together different styles and designs for your garden and planting, your budget, timescales and any constraints.


I will outline the various steps in the design process, and after this consultation I will produce a Requirements Specification containing a summary of your requirements and a Quotation that will form the basis of the design work.

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