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Stage 3
Detailed Design

Having agreed the Outline Plan, I will prepare the Setting Out Plan, Construction Plans and Specification (containing details of the agreed materials) for the hard landscaping, such as paths, steps, patio, pergola, pond etc.  The landscaping contractor will use these to provide a final estimate.


These are the essential plans that explain how the contractor must build the garden, which are imperative for the control of the construction of the final garden and its cost.


To soften the hard landscaping, the plants are the second essential element. I will produce a Planting Plan that shows the position of all plants that have been selected for your soil and aspect of each border.


To accompany these plans, I will provide you with a Plant Schedule containing a list of plants with sizes and quantities for either you or me to take to a nursery to order the plants and a Maintenance Schedule, to provide general guidance for you or the contractor to plant them and care for them.


To help you maintain them over time, I also provide you access for one year to your garden on the Shoot website which will have all of the plants in your garden and will send you a monthly email with care and maintenance instructions for each plant.  You can choose to extend access for a modest, annual payment.

Example Construction Plan:

Construction Plan example_edited.jpg

Example Planting Plan:

Example Planting Plan_edited.jpg
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