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grasses and orchard garden

grasses and orchard garden

This North Dorset garden surrounds a house in a plot that is approximately 60 x 40m.


The site is exposed and steeply sloping with well drained, alkaline, sandy soil. It was originally laid to grass with a sandstone patio on the south side and steep sandstone steps from a gravel drive to the front door and kitchen patio doors.


The client wanted a low maintenance garden with curvilinear borders and an orchard that would blend in with the neighbouring grazing pastures.


Requirements for the new garden design/landscape architecture:


  • Planting that blends with the surrounding fields

  • Immediate screening from the neighbouring house and garden

  • A water feature that makes a statement when seen through the open front door

  • A West Country orchard

  • A reduced area of lawn


This garden was constructed by Gregorys Landscaping of Piddlehinton, and the plants have been sourced from Chichester Trees and Shrubs and Griffin Nurseries.

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