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ann balmforth garden design

Garden Designer and Landscape Architect in Dorset

Ann Balmforth is a modern garden designer based in the heart of Thomas Hardy’s Wessex, near Dorchester. With many years of experience analysing requirements and managing projects in business, Ann holds a diploma in Professional Garden Design from the Garden Design School, Bristol Botanic Garden with distinctions in plant and landscape architect portfolios. 

For you, Ann can create a beautiful garden from small front/back gardens or courtyards in Poole to large rural landscapes in Dorset using both traditional and contemporary approaches. She will work with you on your requirements to design an initial landscape architect consultation session on your own. When we have agreed to your requirements, Ann will produce the outline design for your garden. The detailed design stages and monitoring of the implementation of the design will follow on from this. 


As a professional garden designer, Ann is proud to provide a professional and friendly design service that clarifies your vision and creates a garden that integrates with your lifestyle. From the initial consultation and outline plan, she will prepare for the construction of your beautiful garden by preparing a scope of work that will specify the dimensions for each part of the garden. Also, Ann always recommends that she monitors the construction of your garden by meeting the contractor onsite regularly as this minimises delays and unwanted issues.

Find out more about Ann’s landscape garden design services by getting in touch today. Working with clients across Dorset and Somerset, Ann is on hand to help you realise your vision and achieve the garden of your dreams!

Inspired gardens to suit your taste and lifestyle

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Your vision realised

As a passionate garden designer and landscape architect based near Dorchester, Ann loves the challenges of tackling new projects.

So, regardless of the size, shape, aspect or gradient of your garden, you can rely on Ann to embrace your vision and work closely with you to achieve your garden design dreams.

If you’re looking for inspiration, explore Ann’s portfolio of luxury garden designs in Dorset, Somerset and the surrounding areas. 

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Lyme Regis Garden with a View

Challenging Gardens

Ann is particularly skilled at creating designs for sloping gardens and awkwardly shaped gardens. Every contemporary garden is individually designed and drawn by hand to meet your particular requirements.

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Yorkshire Farm Garden

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As a professional garden designer, my designs are built around the principles of innovation, versatility and collaboration, I am proud to provide a professional, passionate and friendly contemporary garden design service that will inspire you to realise your vision and create a garden that will enhance your lifestyle, so please contact me to discuss your requirements and make an appointment for an initial consultation which is free in Dorset and a nominal cost elsewhere in the SW of England.

Please browse through my portfolio to see the range of my work and if you have any questions regarding my landscape design services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ann Balmforth

For more information please click here or
Tel: 07585 338952

We can discuss your requirements and make an appointment for a free consultation within Dorchester, Somerset, and Wiltshire to discuss creating the garden of your dreams. If you wish to make an enquiry outside of these counties, Ann will request expenses. Whether you’re looking for a luxury garden designer in Poole or contemporary landscape architect in Dorchester, Ann is here to help. Please browse through my portfolio to see a range of my work and if you have any questions regarding landscape architecture from garden designer Ann Balmforth, please don’t hesitate to contact.

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